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Project: Integrated System for Collection, Transportation, Treatment and final disposal of Medical Waste



Start of Operation: 2016


Sterilization SA was founded in 2006 and is active in the field of environmental waste management. The main shareholder is HELECTOR S.A. HELECTOR S.A is the Waste Management arm of the ELLAKTOR Group. HELECTOR is the leader regarding Waste Management in the area of South Eastern Europe whereas its vertical development and expertise enables the company to provide solutions across the entire spectrum of the field of waste management (i.e. biological treatment , recycling, energy recovery from landfill biogas , leachate treatment plants etc.) and vertical activity (Designer - Manufacturer - Technology Provider - Operator - Investor).




The company offers:


  • Collection and Transportation of the clinical waste via specialized trucks, according to Greek Law 37591/2031 and to ADR (Αccord European relatif au transport international des merchandises Dangereuses par Route)

  • Sterilization of the clinical waste. The sterilization system employed at STERILIZATION SA unit is manufactured by ECODAS, France. ECODAS has been an expert in manufacturing automated solutions for clinical waste treatment since 1993. The ECODAS process has been tested and approved, not only for the quality in manufacturing its products, but also for the sterilized product by the following organizations:

  • Pasteur Institute of Lille

  • Higher Council of Public Health of France, under the supervision of Ministry of Health and Ministry of the Environment

The machine is separated into three compartments:

  • Loading and Stirring chamber

  • Shredding compartment

  • Sterilization and Unloading chamber

  • Proper management of clinical waste is the single most important way to eliminate contamination risk by clinical waste and to ensure public health.


MOTION Hellas contracted the design, development, installation and commissioning of the following Software applications:


  • A Complete System for the Telematic Management and Surveillance of the process of Collection and Transportation of Hazardous Medical Waste. The system includes transmission of essential data via GPS and GSM/GPRS from the vehicles to computers’ specialized software. The clinical waste will be transported to the unit via specialized trucks, according to Greek Law 37591/2031 and to ADR (Αccord European relatif au transport international des merchandises Dangereuses par Route).

  • Purchase Management System

  • Production Management and Traceability system for the of the Sterilization of the medical waste.

  • WebApplication system for monitoring the all process including collection, transportation, storage, sterilization and final disposal of the

in order to:

  • Integrate a collection system for Clinical Wastes in Greece, based on the full application of existing legislation and EU directives for the operation of the entire network including production-collection-transport-processing and final disposal,

  • the full quantitative and qualitative control of the Clinical Waste’s handling and processing. That can be carried out in an optimum technical, environmental and financial manner by the implementation of the Electronic Registry, which is also the objective of the Ministry

  • the optimization of treatment systems for infectious wastes, resulting the energy saving, reducing final disposal quantities and protecting the environment

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