OPUS PPS&PQC is an innovative user friendly management system for discrete production process, consists of the following modules:


  • OPUS/DBS for Process Simulation

  • OPUS/PPS for Production and Capacity Planning 

  • OPUS/PCS for on-line shop floor control

  • OPUS/SCADA for on-line process monitoring and control.

  • OPUS/PQC for Quality Inspection (ISO-9000) and Statistical Process Control (SQC).

  • OPUS/WCS for Material Requirements Planning (MRPII)

  • OPUS/CRM for Customers Relation Management

  • OPUS/CMMS - Computerized Maintenance Management System


The System is already successfully operating in several projects, in different Industrial Sectors, such as:

  • Electronics and Assembling industry           

  • Plastics                            

  • Metal Processing             

  • Food Manufacturing        

  • Textile                              

  • Drugs and Cosmetics      

  • Chemical                         

  • Wood

  • Automotive assembly and part production

  • MBT and Recycling industry



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