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Computerized Maintenance Management System in Sofia MBT Plant



Mechanical-Biological-Treatment (MBT) Plant for processing waste and production of Refuse Derived Fuel. Design, development, planning, implementation, testing and commissioning of Computerized Maintenance Management System in Sofia MBT Plant.


MOTION Hellas contracted with HELECTOR SA for the implementation of the OPUS CMMS software. The OPUS CMMS encompasses all facets of facilities management, from managing work orders and requests to preventative maintenance, purchasing and inventory control, cost tracking and powerful reporting features, all accessible from any device with an Internet connection.


Based on maintenance strategy, OPUS CMMS software is one of many factors to increase reliability maintenance, identify machine history, and also track inventory with life report. The system aims to:


  • Complete inventories of fixed assets (technical descriptions, instructions, drawings, spare parts).

  • Complete monitoring lesions

  • Complete monitoring of preventive maintenance (ISO).

  • Predictive maintenance (connection to SCADA)

  • Full statistics and maintenance cost data

  • Integration with other modules (SCADA, ERP systems production systems).

  • Maximize efficiency of the plant

  • Ensuring the reliability of the equipment,

  • Reduce maintenance costs

  • Reduction in stocks of spare parts,

  • Increase the lifespan of equipment

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