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The WIND system (Waste Information Database System) is an innovative MIS system for the Recycling Industry. The system aims to:

  • the real time monitoring of the Weighbridge process

  • the real time monitoring of the basic and critical parameters from the Mechanical Sorting Process

  • support the Quality Assurance System and the Daily Quality Control system

  • implement irreproachable processes for the on line and real time monitoring of the Sorting Process, the required information and measurements

  • integrate an intelligent maintenance monitoring and diagnostic system.


The above systems are already successfully operating in MBT Plants such as: MBT Larnaka Cyprus, MBT Mariscina Croatia, MBT Kastijun Croatia, MBT Sofia Bulgaria, MBT HRO Osnabruek Germany, EMAK Ano Liosia and Recycling industries (EPANA Koropi and Fili)



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