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Sofia (Bulgaria)



Integrated system of solid waste treatment facilities of Sofia Municipality– Design and Construction of a Mechanical-Biological-Treatment (MBT) Plant for processing waste and production of Refuse Derived Fuel in conjunction with the implementation of Project No DIR-592113-1-9, co-financed from the Operational Programme “Environment 2007-2013”


Capacity: 410.000 t/y

Start of operation: September 2015

Client: Aktor - Helector

Project: MBT Automation & SCADA System (MBT-OMS & ISS SCADA System)


Design, development, planning, implementation, testing and commissioning of the Supervisory Automation Control and Data Acquisition system (SCADA system) for the Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT) plant for processing waste and for the production of refuse derived fuel at the Sadinata site, including all necessary infrastructure, buildings, equipment, mobile plant and ancillary items necessary for its effective operation. It will receive and process up to 410.000 tonnes per annum of residual municipal solid waste which shall be treated to:


  • Recover recyclable materials (paper, glass, plastics and metals)

  • Produce a Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) fraction

  • Produce a compost  like output (CLO)


MOTION Hellas offered the instrumentation design, software development, planning, implementation, testing and commissioning of the Supervisory Automation Control and Data Acquisition system (SCADA system) for the:


  • The Reception Building

  • The Mechanical Separation

  • The Biodrying Building

  • The RDF Production Building

  • The Composting Process

  • The RDF Storage Building and

  • The WWRP


All the MBT equipment is monitored by the MBT-OMS & ISS SCADA system. Except of the MBT and WWRP process equipment which includes the:


  • Reception & Process Crane

  • Mechanical Separation process and Pre-treatment process and CLO refining process

  • Biodrying process and Composting process

  • RDF Production and Storage System

  • Waste Water Reclaim Equipment


the following MBT equipment is monitored by the MBT ISS Scada System (Building Services and Infrastructure):


  • Weighing Indicators

  • Fire Alarm system

  • Power Meters

  • Transformers

  • Power Generators

  • Doors, matrix signs, message display, sensors (induction sensors, Optical distance sensor etc), Lighting Zones inside and outside the MBT buildings

  • Pumps, Tanks inside the MBT buildings, Sprinkler tank

  • Dust filters and Scrubber Units

  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning inside the MBT buildings (HVAC systems)

The MBT-OMS & ISS SCADA System aims to:


  • monitor and control the operation of basic functions such as starting-up the installation, closing down the process, confirming emergency switch-off operations and restarting, etc.

  • supervise critical parameters, if this is not performed by means of locally installed systems

  • display the process on a flow diagram, especially:

  • warn against any approaching critical situations

  • disconnect and shut down in a safe manner parts of the installation in case of such critical situations

  • show and control the following information:

  • configuration of system and state of communications

  • current alarms, as well as list of previous alarms and events

  • instructions for rectifying errors in the facility

  • mimic diagrams

  • graphs

  • Management, i.e. activation and deactivation of the whole as well as particular parts of the facility.

  • locate trouble-spots (e.g. pinpointing the position where the emergency switch off push button was depressed, at which motor the circuit-breaker was tripped, etc.),

  • registration and documenting the operations of the installation including recording defects and any interferences with installation operating procedures.


In addition MOTION Hellas offered the development, planning, implementation, testing and commissioning of the WBManager System and the OPUS CMMS Software system.

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