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Fili (Greece)



Recycling Waste Plant in Ano Liosia – Attiki 


Capacity:  70.000 t/y

Start of operation: 2009

Client: EPANA SA – Helector SA



Project: Recycling Waste Industry Supevision System

Design, development, planning, implementation, testing and commissioning of a supervisory system (MIS system) for the Recycling plant. The modules of the system are:


  • Overall Management of the Weighbridge System (Diagram for weights per waste type, Diagram for weights per Day, Report of Wastes per Day)

  • Overall Management (monitoring and control) of the Mechanical Sorting Process (Status, Shredder Working Hours, etc)

  • Management of the Daily Quality Document Control System (Check points, Productivity, Weights, Alarms, Faults etc)

  • Monitoring of orders and production planning

  • Computerized Maintenance Management System

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